How do I configure my Scan Points? or Bulk Import them?

 In your "Welcome Email" when you signed up for the account, you received a spreadsheet called "Scan Point Names." Please navigate to that email and download that spreadsheet. The below steps will show you how to import all your scan point names with a couple simple steps:


  1. Open your Scan Point Names Spreadsheet and complete column "C" in the order you would like them scanned - starting at the top - Location001
  2. After completing that, save it and close out
  3. Next, Login into the mobotour portal with your user ID and Password (also in the "Welcome Email")
  4. Navigate to the left hand side under 'Configuration' and select 'Scan Point Management'
  5. Select in the upper right select the icon Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_8.03.09_PM.png
  6. In the drop down, select "Import"
  7. Choose the file that you saved earlier
  8. Select "Import File"
  9. Now, Look at the corresponding number at the bottom of each code and put them in your checkpoint locations to match your spreadsheet location order

How do I edit or add a single scan point?

Watch this quick video of how to do it:


You can always watch too - how to bulk import your scan points:



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