Importing configuration items

This one of the most powerful features of the portal. Often times you need to bulk insert configuration items. If you have 1000 scan points you don't want to have to enter them one by one.  mobotour's powerful import feature enables bulk insertion.  Or perhaps you have 40 forms/reports that need to be migrated to another account. Our import feature is great for this.

**Note, it is best practice to create one record and exporting to create a great template for the import. **

  1. Log into mobotour using your account username and password
  2. Export a configuration record via the export function.  See the 'exporting' link above.
  3. Open the exported file and either add a row or modify an existing row. Do not change the column structure. 
  4. Save the file
  5. Click on the configuration item on the left you want to import (ie, devices, personnel, tags, activities, forms etc)
  6. Click the 'import' button at the top right
  7. Click the 'Choose file' button
  8. Browse to the file you saved
  9. Click 'Import File' 
  10. If your import was successful you'll have a green success message and if it fails you'll have a red failure message and you can view the log to see what went wrong. 

We have a download template as well, however it doesn't have data. This is why we recommend creating a single record first.



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