How do I deleting things?

We understand there might be a time when you've added a configuration item and want to delete it.  Perhaps you want to delete all configuration items in bulk. We offer that ability as well.  Please be cautious when deleting anything as all submitted data will be removed. The system will let you know by displaying a pop up box prior to deletion. A better way to archive devices or forms is simply to 'deactivate' what you do not want to use anymore.

If you need still need to delete, here are the steps do so below:

  1. Log into mobotour portal with your account username and password
  2. Click on the configuration item link on the left you need to delete ie (devices, scan points, personnel, activities, forms, etc)
  3. You can filter the results by placing a value in one of the columns you want to search or you can leave the result set as is
  4. Click the check box next to the record you want to delete or click the check box at the top right to select all
  5. Click the 'Delete' button at the top right

Note ** - Deleting any item will delete any historical data submitted by this device or to this form / report.



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