Exporting configuration items

We realize the need to be able to make bulk updates to the system.  We also realize there are templates created for one account that need to be used again in another account and you don't want your system administrator to have to duplicate efforts.  We enabled all configurations items to be exported, modified in excel and imported again.  It's a simple and powerful process. 



  1. Log into mobotour with your account username and password
  2. Click on the configuration item on the left under 'Configuration' that you would like to export.
  3. If you want to filter down the results, simply search on a value in one of the columns that makes sense and click enter to reduce the results. 
  4. Click the 'Export' button at the top right
  5. You'll end up with a CSV file with all the necessary columns. This will be downloaded to your default download directory.
  6. You can modify a value or multiple values or add additional rows for importing in the csv and save it
  7. It's important you do not change the structure of the csv or you'll receive an error upon import


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