Adding scheduled reports advanced options

We understand that sometimes you want to get your system running as quickly as possible so you are comfortable with basic configuration.  We also know that we need to provide more advanced options when you're ready.  Our advanced reporting options provide more power.

  1. Log into mobotour using your account username and password
  2. Click the 'Schedule Reports' link on the left
  3. If this is a new report, click the add button.  You'll fill out all the fields per this basic configuration article Basic Configuration
  4. Check the 'Advanced' options box
  5. Fill out the fields that make sense to your business



  • Notify if no record found = Do you want the individuals on the To line to be notified even if no data was submitted.  Often times clients do not select this and only want a notification if data is found
  • Report Order (Asc/Desc) = What order do you want to see the data in the report
  • Tags = Do you only want report data from reports tagged a certain way
  • Date Range = Do you want to do a historical date range -  This will override the '1 day, 2 day, 3 day' setting in the basic settings
  • Logo = Would you like to add your company logo to the report
  • Schedule Time = What time would you like your report to go out
  • Report CC = Do you want to add anyone else
  • Subject = What is this report about
  • Body = Additional information for the email body
  • DST = Are we in daylight savings time or not
  • Schedule End Date = Should this report only run for a specified amount of time


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