Adding a summary report

The purpose of the summary report was to provide a weekly total for scans and report submissions as well as provide a percentage increase and decrease in performance.  This provides proactive information and performance understanding of the work being performed. 


  1. Log into the mobotour portal using your account username and password
  2. Click on 'Summary Report' link on the left under the Dashboard section
  3. Fill in the required fields designated by a red asterisk to the right of the field
  4. Click 'Schedule Report' - this is equivalent to save



  • Account = auto filled
  • Activate = do you want it activated
  • Summary Type = do you want to report on scans, forms or boths
  • Time Zone = what time zone is the receiver in
  • DST Enabled = are we in daylight savings time or not
  • Report To = the individuals receiving the reports
  • Subject = subject of the report
  • Body = what do you want to say upon receipt
  • Start Date = The day this scheduling should start


  • Report CC = additional people to receive the report
  • End Date  = maybe you only want to send for a finite period of time



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