Adding a scheduled report

The report scheduler allows you to send critical information internally and externally on a time scheduled interval. We intentionally segment data submission from the mobile workforce to keep a simple, uncluttered report structure that is meaningful.


  1. Log into the mobotour portal with your account username and password
  2. Click the 'Schedule Reports' link on the left
  3. Click the 'Add' button at the top right
  4. Fill in all required fields which have a red asterisk to the right of the field
  5. Fill in advanced options if you'd like Advanced Options
  6. Click the 'Schedule Report' button (this is equivalent to save).  



  • Report Name = Name of the report you search inside the portal
  • Report Type = type of data submitted from the mobile device
  • Report Period (Days) = up to 7 days on one report
  • Recurrence = how often do you want to send.  We don't go past 7 days due to performance
  • Report To = individuals that receive (comma separated)
  • Time Zone = enter the time zone you're in 
  • Schedule Start Date = when should the scheduling begin
  • PDF/HTML = if you choose PDF it's an attachment - if you choose HTML then you receive a link
  • Activate = Is this active or not


  • Customer Report Name = The name that will be visible on the report that is received.
  • Advanced Options = This will be another article, more control over the body of email, date range, historical reporting and others




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