Adding forms / reports - advanced options

We understand that sometimes you want to get your system running as quickly as possible so you are comfortable with basic configuration.  We also know that we need to provide more advanced options when you're ready.  Our advanced forms options provide more power.

  1. Log into mobotour using your account username and password
  2. Click the 'Forms' link on the left
  3. If this is a new form, click the add button.  You'll fill out all the fields per this basic configuration article Basic Configuration
  4. Check the 'Advanced Options' radio button
  5. Fill out the fields that make sense to your business
  6. Click the 'Submit' button



  • Scan = This will enable your mobile user to scan from the form section and build a single report
  • Audio = This will enable your mobile user to use the audio function and submit audio with the report
  • Video = This will enable your mobile user to take up to 1 minute of video and submit with the report
  • Immediate Notification = This will notify stakeholders immediately upon submission of a report
  • Report Name = The report name the stakeholders will see when they open the report
  • Logo = You may place your company logo on the reports
  • Report To = The stakeholders that need to receive the report immediately
  • Report CC = Any other individuals that may see the report
  • Subject = Describe the report
  • Body = The body of the email (additional information you want to convey)
  • PDF/HTML = PDF is an attachment.  HTML is a link to an online report



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