How do I add a Form / Report to mobotour?

Forms are often referred to as reports so we will use either term in the below however, note that we mean the same thing in this article.
Creating and using forms via mobotour allows you to replicate your paper reports so they can be submitted digitally from a mobile device.  Follow these below quick steps to create a form / report.
  1. Log into the mobotour portal with your account username and password
  2. On the left under 'Configuration' select ’Forms’ 
  3. Click the Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_8.03.09_PM.png at the top right and select 'Add'
  4. Fill in 'Form Name' with what you would like to call it and add any tags (like one for a daily activity report) then hit 'Next'
  5. Next, title your first 'Field Name' and select 'Add field' until you have made all the fields you want and select 'Next'
  6. If you want this report / form sent at a particular time each day or week - you're all done - just select 'Submit' and go to this article: How to Schedule Reports / Forms

If you want the report to be sent immediately each time it's submitted (ex: Maintenance Issue Report or Incident Report), you will need to select 'Immediate Notification' on this screen and follow the steps below:

  1. From the 'Advanced Options' Screen, select the box labeled 'Immediate Notification' like this:                                                                   Screen_Shot_2018-02-12_at_9.07.33_PM.png
  2. Input the following information:
    1. Report Name 
    2. Logo
    3. Report 'to' (email addresses separated by a comma but without spaces)
    4. Email Subject line (ex: Urgent: Incident Report for Disney World)
    5. Body (Ex: Hello, Please see the maintenance issue for Disney world, please contact Joe as Security Company ABC if you have any questions (555) 223-3489.
  3. Then simply select 'Submit'
Here are some optional Advanced items if you want to segment your reports in anyway: 
  • Tags = for reporting data segmentation
  • Shift = deprecated functionality .. won’t be supported in future releases
  • Personnel = mobile device segmentation
  • Activate = will this display to mobile devices
  • Advanced options - this will allow additional functionality to happen, like immediate notification of submission, scans, video, and audio.  (click here to read about additional features)


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