Adding a device in mobotour

Once again, thanks for using Mobotour for your mobile reporting solution! Below are instructions and a video on how to quickly set-up your devices for use. 

Steps to add a device for use:

  1. Download the app on the device and open it up
  2. Open the app and type the four digit pin number 
  3. Then for a phone - type in your name (for tablets enter email address and name)
  4. An email will immediately be sent to the email listed on the profile in your account (or the person whom set-up your account)
  5. Once they login to the account via and activate the device under "Devices" - it will automatically be ready to use! 

Need to know how to navigate to devices?  It's very simple:

  1. Login
  2. Under "Configuration" on the left hand side select "Devices"
  3. Click the edit icon for the device you want to activate, and at the bottom of the page select the box that says "activate"
  4. After that - there will be an email sent to the account owner that the device is ready to use


How do I add devices to my account in Bulk?

  1. Simply "Export" from "Devices" (under "Configuration) in your other account and open the excel file you've just exported
  2. Change the column in the excel sheet with the "Account" name to Account Name (PIN Number) and then save the file (click on "Profile" on the left hand side for this information if you need to confirm). An example would be: Hollywood (1234)
  3. Login to the account you are trying to set-up
  4. Go to "Devices" under "Configuration"
  5. Select "Import" when you click the settings icon and select the file you've just saved
  6. Click "upload" and you're all set!

  **Also See the attached pdf for written instructions if needed!

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