How to set-up reporting for my Mobile Patrol

This feature is used for companies that have many sites or clients they visit over a period of the day but want their reports for each client sent individually to them. We've created a simple way to "tag" your clients that way your reports will send separate reports to each.
This article will help walk through the steps of how to tag your scan points and create your scheduled reports with that tag to go out to your clients. Many companies also use these "tags" to separate their submitted data into separate reports. 
Step 1:
First, you need to create a tag for each client in the mobile patrol.  If you have five clients you visit during your mobile patrols you’ll have 5 tags. To do that see these instructions: How to create tags
**replace the word client and number with your actual client name**
Step 2:
If you’re only doing scans for your client then the next step would be to set up your scan points. When you set up your scan points, choose the appropriate client tag that maps to the scan point.
For example if [Client1] wants you to scan at address1 and address2 you’d create two new scan points and pick [Client1] tag.
If you want you scan address3 and address4 for [client2] then you would create two new scan points and choose the tag [Client2].
If you don't know how to create scan points, please see this article: Adding Scan Points  
Step 3:
If you’re going to be submitting daily activity reports or incident reports to each client and you want the scans to also show up when submitting you’ll need to follow this step:
Create a new activity form. When creating the form choose the client that maps to that form. If you do not know how to create a new form / report - see this article for quick steps: How to Create a Form / Report
For example you might have [Client1] - Daily Activity Report and [Client2] - Daily Activity Report.
When you create each report choose the [Client1] tag you created in the first steps for the [Client1] - Daily Activity Report and [Client2] tag for the [Client2] - Daily Activity Report.  
Once you’ve configured this appropriately, the last step is to create your scheduled reports.  When creating  the scheduled reports if you’re only scanning you’ll choose the ‘scan’ report type and pick the appropriate client tag you created.  You’ll have 5 reports and each should be tagged accordingly. 
Please see the article for how to set up scheduled reports:
If you’re submitting reports and want the scans to show up, ignore the steps above.  You’ll create 5 reports of type ‘Form’ and you’ll still pick the appropriate tag per client.  When your officers perform the patrols, they will choose the appropriate client’s form, perform their scans, submit their form and move to the next client will they will open up that client’s form, perform the scans.
Prior to scheduling the reports to go to your clients you’ll want to ensure you have them go to you first for about week or so to ensure the data is not commingled at any level as it’s easy to do should you not have set up tagging, reporting and scan from form appropriately. 
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